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One of the more interesting books of the 90s was Strategy of the Dolphin by Lynch and Kordis. Far from any criticism about society or system (just kidding - lol) it reduced humanity to a simile: a pond, populated by a handfull of Dolphins, a few thousand Sharks and billions of Carps.

Though (or just because?) apart from the simile it didn't offer anything new, some people thought, this World could be a better place if only the Carps would read the book. Yeah, you are right: they were young, naive and idealistic.

Their fault was, to imply Carps any need for action or development. But they are carps, hence they haven't. The Dolphin questions the limitations of the pond and wants to know what's behind this line. The carp doesn't know about the pond, how shall he be aware of any limitation?

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