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Who the Hell is Steely?
Steely about ...
Political Correctness
... or it will be used!

You know about the pond, define yourself as Dolphin - and get mad about the dumb Carps. In the long run you will end as a choleric or fatalistic bonehead. That's worse than being a Carp.

Even more tragically is the second way: thinking you were a Dolphin and trying to change the silly fishes you are nothing more than a pseudo-enlighted Carp. As long as you believe in the pond you have no chance to step out of the game.

Don't do that, bro, don't whip yourself. Realize how the World really is, leave the Carps to their destiny, but - don't let them get away with it! Your only chance to get old without getting mad is having a fair amount of cynicism. Being there, it doesn't matter if there really is a pond. Because you are always standing on the edge and pissing inside. This goes easy on your nerves, gives always a good laugh and the Carps will keep you in bad, but everlasting memory

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     Page last updated on: 19.05.2008