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Since we can waste RAM putting Wallpapers on the Desktop, I make my own Backgrounds.

Switching to a dual Monitor Setup, I started getting confused. An Image on the left, same Image on the right, What is where, where am I, Fear, Chaos, Panic. And Windoze is of no help, as it still is unable to handle Dualhead Systems in a clever way.

Since then I make my Wallpapers in "Widescreen"- Size, sometimes over the full width, but mostly mirrored. Naive, unprofessional, full of errors. But - *I* like them ;-) And because there aren`t so much wide Wallpapers out there, I offer them here from time to time.

If you are tired of having naked chicks on your desktop, have a look at my Backgrounds. They are surely different. But not nearly as cute as naked chicks!


     Page last updated on: 02.02.2008