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News - 27.01.09: The german Springboard handbook, now for version 0.89a -

My Tutorials for
Nothing. Because all my tutorials are written in German, they will be useless for you. But I will provide you with a short introduction to the Programs I have written tutorials for. So you might take a look at them yourself.
OFF System

HowTo's, Tips 'n Tricks. In 11 cases out of 10, after installing the tools mentioned above, it will drive you crazy to get anything out of the software. If so, this section might help you. Or it might not!

Writing tutorials is a thankless job. I have read a total of 3, and the first expected too much, the second explained too many, and the third had missing steps in the workflow - you get the point, don't you?

On the other hand - tutorials are the best way, to say thanks and give something back to the community for all the help you got when you were a noob. The simple truth is, without forums and user-to-user tutorials 90% of us would still be rendering some ugly OpenGL primitives.

So, if you don't like or can't use what I have to offer, sit down and make your own one. Or write me a mail, what I can do better.


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