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Trollum Thinks
I love this one. Short Stories about a Troll in the woods, who is mistakenly known as sage and visited by lots of idiots asking for his wisdom. Trollum, far from any wisdom, handles all situations with pragmatism - and pockets the fee.

The purists will turn it down: a simple set, recognizeable pre-made stuff, simply rendered, and -worst of all- photoshopped. Yes, but - I like Trollum Thinks. Because:

The story isn't about phantastic Worlds, or photorealistic Spaceships and such - it's about Trollum. It's about how, not what. And though being minimalistic, it has lots of small extras here and there. Even the shadows are correct sometimes.

See Trollum Thinks in the tradition of classic comic strips, and you will like it.

     Page last updated on: 04.02.2008