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News - 27.01.09: The german Springboard handbook, now for version 0.89a -

Of public interest:
Who the Hell is Steely?
Steely about ...
Political Correctness

A satisfying answer would go too far, but you shall not stay out in the cold:

I am a nightmare. An arrogant, cynic jerk. One of those, who questions everything and don't take bullshit.

  • Firmly convinced of democracy, therefore not impressed by Europe's "democratic" system. That's not democracy, it's feudalism.
  • A believer in economic liberalism in Friedman's original sense and disgusted by any kind of monopolization and regulation.
  • An agnostic bastard with no tolerance for religious fanatism, whether islamic nor christian fundmentalists. Different books, but the same brats.
  • A strong advocate of the middle class (though you have to be european to understand the term in its original meaning), and biggest enemy of squares, because Freedom is more important than Security - I know, that doesn't fit into the heads nowadays.

I don't divide the World into good guys and bad guys, only into interests. The loving God, the evil conspiracy, the dangers of global warming and mad terrorists are fairy tales for children. The human billiard balls are bouncing off of completely different cushions, the real line in life is drawn between Freedom and Fear. And that's why nobody can win the game: even the free are afraid.

So, while it's not up to you what the stakes are, try at least to minimize the losses. Better you fear the lost of freedom, than freedom itself.


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