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This is an Online-Comic I started years (yes, years) ago. It's a Story about a Bunch of small Robots who work in a Robot Manufacturing Plant and one day decide to run away. The original Storyline was to have them involved in "Adventures" like the "Little Rascals", but over time I changed a lot and the Plot became more and more dark, dystopic and blood thirsty. Why? Well, don't know, ask Freud ;-)

The reason I never managed to develop the Story is that I can't afford a Render Farm with 200 Crays. The whole Comic should be modeled and rendered in Povray, and a lot of Things aren't possible on a Home-PC. And going down to Poser-Level - never!

So, the only thing I do is to add an Image to the WIP Section from time to time.

     Page last updated on: 02.02.2008