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News - 27.01.09: The german Springboard handbook, now for version 0.89a -

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Ripp-offs with soundtracks
Do you want
more examples
how you are ripped off?
The ripp-off with Soundtracks
Do you have (have, not own, remember - itīs only licensed) "Flight of the Phoenix"? Not the classic original, the remake by Moore, with Dennis Quaid. If so - do you also have the album "Mezzanine" by Massive Attack? Well, then you paid twice for one song.

But there is more: do you have "Snatch" on DVD? And also bought the Soundtrack? Then you already paid four times for "Angel", which is the first track on the "Mezzanine" album.

Wait, there is still more: you know "Third Watch", maybe have the first season on DVD? Then you were ripped off again for "Angel", which plays in the second episode. You also might have "Antitrust" on DVD. You know what? Exactly - "Angel" again. And, erm, you're a Martin Sheen fan? Then you know "The West Wing" and will likely have the DVDs. Well, yes - you paid again for "Angel".

No, it's still not over. Are you dumb Buffy fan? Have the DVDs lyin' around? Yep, ripped off again, "Angel" plays in episode seven - and you are lucky that it isnīt included in any of the numerous soundtrack albums. OTOH - who watches Buffy probably deserves that.

Do you prefer good movies over mainstream bullshit? Then you know "Pi" by Aronofski. Well, in the middle of the movie, when the landlady is shouting at him - listen carafully to the music. Yepp.
Oh, come on, a last one: Do you have "Go" by Doug Liman? Aye, again "Angel" on board.

So. let's see. If you are really out of luck (or a great movie/TV fan, which is nearly the same) they have let you pay 10 -ten!- times for the very same piece of music. I have no clue, how much the boys from Massive Attack got for that, but you can bet your ass that the rightholder made the most money out of that.

Say, knowing that you will listen only to one of your ten songs at a time - wouldn't it be a nice gesture to put your other nine legal purchases on a p2p-network, for students and scholars with limited budget?

Aaargh, no, I forgot. That would be ILLEGAL.

Instead, ripping off honest customers TEN TIMES is legal!

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