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Saint Seiya
Don't get me wrong - Animes are crap. But as the mob likes them and they have become such cult figures, we have to acknowledge them as part of our culture. And it's copyrighted, therefore it's Art, isn't it?

So, Saint Seiya is a crappy, low-standard but popular Anime series and known world-wide - even in Germany. It has been translated for many countries -except Germany-, has been aired in many countries -except Germany- and has been released on DVD in many countries -except Germany.

Let your face get a dumb expression and imagine you were a german Anime fan. Saint Seiya was more than 20 years ago. The Indian in the hIghlands of Peru can watch the DVD, the Redneck in the canadian woods and even the Nomad in the algerian desert can do so - but YOU can NOT! You are waiting for 20 years and can't watch the series! Why? Because:

- somebody at the Broadcasting Company, who is paid by your Cable Fees, decided not to buy the Rights for your Country
- somebody at the Rightholder, who sues people for file sharing, decided that Germany doesn't have "a Market" for it
- somebody at the Distributor, who is paid by your Cinema Tickets, didn't see a return of investment for that
- or somebody didn't sleep well, had a hole in his socks, couldn't fart this day oder whatever

But: Saint Seiya is lying around in different languages, available via Torrent & Associates UnLtd. So, if you still recall a few bits of portuguese or french you learned at school and after 20 years, in which not a single asshole did care about you, you take your fate in your own hands - why on earth lots of people start being interested in you just for downloading it? Who is harmed, cheated or betrayed when you download something that isn't sold in your country? Wait - I know:

The Content Mafia, which in return complains about revenue losses due to file sharing and bad, bad Pirates! You know file sharing is stealing! That's right!

And we are dumb, for believing them!

     Page last updated on: 19.05.2008