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Sacred (T)Ruth
This is a classic one. The Story of a Vampire Girl, whose Love (yep!) to a Priest (OMG!) is destroyed by the Actions of the Vampire Lord and now seeks for Vengeance.

Made Aeons ago, back in 2000 with Poser 4, it can't compete with the HighQ Comics from now, you say? Wrong! It's exactly the opposite. Sure, Poser 4, whithout Raytracing engine and other handy features, can't compete with todays Renderers. But Sacred (T)Ruth itself has not only to be seen -like a classic Movie- in his own time, it is still far above the crap we are used to see by self-called modern "Poser Artists". It has his very own style, going through the whole Story from the first to the last Image and Tim brings in a Love for Detail that I am missing by 2/3 of the artistic Nutbags out there, who obviously can't do much other than Load n' Run.

Go, read Sacred (T)Ruth while the Story is out there.

     Page last updated on: 04.02.2008