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News - 27.01.09: The german Springboard handbook, now for version 0.89a -

My Tutorials for
Nothing. Because all my tutorials are written in German, they will be useless for you. But I will provide you with a short introduction to the Programs I have written tutorials for. So you might take a look at them yourself.
OFF System
German PovRay tutorials

Well, yes and no. I do have some tutorials awaiting completion, mostly as a side effect of my work on Steeltown, but as of now, none of them is finished.

However, you should know that PovRay is a world-class free Raytracer, right now going through the process of becoming Open Source. It looks a bit outdated, but don't let you fool by that. If you are going to render really huge scenes (which aren't possible with Poser), if you are tired of using wallpapers as scene backgrounds (which is the Poser way), and if you want to have phisically-correct lightning (which is possible with Poser, but seldom done), give PovRay a try.

Visit the PovRay homepage for further info.

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