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News - 27.01.09: The german Springboard handbook, now for version 0.89a -

My Tutorials for
Nothing. Because all my tutorials are written in German, they will be useless for you. But I will provide you with a short introduction to the Programs I have written tutorials for. So you might take a look at them yourself.
OFF System
The german PoseRay handbook

I am the author of the UNofficial german PoseRay handbook.

If you are into Raytracing, especially POVRay, you will need PoseRay. PoseRay is a very handy tool for converting Wavefront .obj and Max .3ds into POVRay mesh2. This way, you can pose human characters and other things in Poser or DAZ Studio and place them into your .pov scene.

Visit the PoseRay homepage for further info.

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