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Software listings and recommendations (not necessarily related to CG)
Pdf? Yes! Adobe? No!

No, I'm not going to tell you why you shouldn't use the Acrobat Reader - you can google that and find out by yourself. Also, I'm not inclined to tell you a long-winded story why I hate Adobe products in general - try'em out yourself and get your own point of view.

But: if you are looking for replacements - there is near-to-nothing you can do with Adobe products that can't be done with other software. The workflow, of course, will be different. The results will not.

PDF is a great thing, and many self-published documents in the web rely on this format for several reasons. Also, there are a LOT of PDF read and write programs out there. My first choice since long time is the Foxit PDF Reader. I am using it for years now, and can't say a bad word about it. It's a small download (2.5 MB - compare that with the Adobe Reader) and ressource-friendly (4.5 MB of RAM - again, compare that with the "industry leader"). And yes - it's free of charge.

So, what are you waiting for? Go, give Foxit Reader a try!

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