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Pan's Labyrinth
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Pan's Labyrinth
Pan's Labyrinth
One of the advantages of DVD over Video Tape is, that you get the original Language - in most cases.

This is really great in case your english is good and you watch lots of Hollywood Blockbusters, or your Girl is a native english speaker, or your children want to improve their english skills.

With Pan's Labyrinth nothing of that does happen. Del Toro is mexican, the original sound file is spanisch, the Director's comment is also Tortilla Language. In my house this is completely worthless. (You will expirience that also with most japanese movies, but let's stick with this one)

Why on earth is it illegal, having the german DVD, to get the english version via Torrent, so my fiance can watch the movie and the Director's comment with english Subtitles?

I paid full price for Pan's Labyrinth, so who is harmed by downloading the english version from the Web? Guess what? Nobody. Obviously, it isn't meant to buy one DVD per language:
- my "Constantine" has also Arabic and Icelandic on the Disc
- with "Batman Begins" I got Hebrew without asking for it (I mean Hebrew, man - are they kidding?)
- with "Last Samurai" I had to pay for Finnish and Greek - we don't speak that here
- on "Artificial Intelligence" I have eighteen(!) Subtitle Languages and -again- spanish sound - and A.I. isn't by del Toro, but by Spielberg.

So, again: I paid full price, nobody is harmed, the english Subs aren't included on the german Disc, the english DVD isn't sold in Germany and "one DVD per Language" is out of question - why is it illegal, to download the Torrent?

Well, just because the Content Mafia has their dirty Hands on the Law and the Righholders can make, whatever they want.

And we bloody Idiots submit ourselves to that!

     Page last updated on: 10.02.2008