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Sure, I'm into 3D, and under the illusion of making a comic myself. No doubt that this section's focus lies on 3D webcomics. But this one, though not 3D, is really great.

Girl Genius, by Kaja and Phil Foglio, is the story of Agatha Clay, a dopey student in an victorian World which is, ahm, different to the historic original. You guess it, it's Steampunk. Kaja Foglio calls it "Gas Lamp Fantasy", which sounds far better. Circumstances (or fate, what you like) pull her out of her looser-life and she starts the great adventure.

What's so special about Girl Genius? Everything. The contiguous, thrilling and humorous story, the phantastic World she lives in, the plot twists, the characters, the love for detail and the mostly excellent drawings (the inkers have extremely varying styles, but the drawings have an unbelielable level of detail sometimes). But the most important: Girl Genius has a very slow pace. Story and characters develop through dialogues, and the Foglios take a lot of time to develop the story, it's almost like reading a book. That gives you plenty of time to submerge into Agatha's World and become a part of it, something that I missed on a lot of Comics (Valerian, for example - were you already born at that time?), because the story's background got lost in favour of the streamlined plot.

Girl Genius is updated three times a week as has reached chapter 8 (or Book 8). You can read it online or order pdf- as well as printed issues. I recommend to start with the online version.

So, visit Girl Genius on a free afternoon, when you have enough time to enjoy it.

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