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My 3D-Galleries

This should have been your second click - first Downloads, then Gallery ;-)

Usually you meet everything in the Web: Poser cripples, Fractal fetishists, Raytracing nerds and so forth; you see immediately what they have "specialized" in. Nowadays you also might come along some 3D-Queens using CS3. With the exception of the latter, I am a bit of everything, a real 3D-Junkie. I make my Images with whatever I get my dirty Hands on, but don't master any of the used Programs, LOL! What they (my Images) have in common, though, is: they are 3D. No depraved Photoshop-Postwork, no faked Shadows, no shameless whitewashing of Errors and Inabilities.

This Stubbornness preserves me from becoming a "Poser Artist", from rendering "Art" and from living up my Complexes in a Community - and God (mine, yours or any other) forbid that this will ever change.


     Page last updated on: 02.02.2008