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Pan's Labyrinth
Saint Seiya
Ripp-offs with soundtracks
Eenie, meenie, miney, moe, the rightholders have screwed you!

Copyright, Software patents, Intellectual property - what an interesting kind of legal fraud. How does one cheat and criminalize a billion of replete, lazy, semi - intelligent people? Well, have a close look at how it's done by the Music and Movie industry - and learn by them!

If you think, that citizen and consumer rights are worth less than the balance sheets of a potentially criminal cartel, if you think, that it is really possible to "steal" digital content and there is something like "illegal" downloading, and if you furthermore think, that "downloading is stealing" and the copyright is there to protect the artists, and -even worse- if you think, our laws were made in favour of citizens and customers - do me a favour, pleeeeeeeeease: protect the World from yourself, dig a deep hole, and jump in.


     Page last updated on: 10.02.2008