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Some people without any clue say, Comic Books are for Children. They should have a look at the prices for Comics, especially the Collector Editions, LOL.

I wouldn't say that all Comics are Art (look closer at the early Marvel Bullshit, and you will understand), but Comics in common are an Art Form and -at least in the Western World- Part of our cultural assets. You may see that from a different Point of View (and you might be right), but then you are wasting your Time on this Page.

If you love Comics, the Idea of your own Comic Story will follow right behind your first, botched 3D-Pics. And after your first steps in Character Animation you can`t resist anymore, so ...

Don't deny your Nature, start with it right off. Even when it will never be published, you will have lots of Fun.


     Page last updated on: 02.02.2008